Helpful Tips on Laser Engraving Wood

Having the right tools is an essential part of being an engraver. For years, professionals in this industry have been using metal Laser engravers for a variety of different reasons. These machines are both easy to use and provide the user with the professional looking results they are after.

While these machines are typically used to engrave metal, many in the industry also use them on wood creations as well. Successfully engraving a piece of wood is not nearly as easy as some may think. Consider the following tips when trying to have success with this type of engraving.

Using Low-Tack Masking Tape is Important

Protecting the wood in question from surface burns should be something an engraver is concerned about. If the laser is a bit too hot, it can lead to scorch and burn marks that can make the finished product look less than stellar. One of the best things an engraver can do to protect against these burn marks is to use low-tack masking tape.

Covering the surface of the wood with this masking tape before engraving the wood can reduce burns. Once the engraving in done, removing the tape from the surface of the wood is easy.

Be Mindful of the Type of Wood Being Used

If an engraver wants to create a large engraving on this type of material, they will need to be mindful of the type of wood they use. Trying to create a large engraving on plywood will usually end badly. An engraver will need to work with hardwood when working on a larger engraving project.

The glues found in most plywood can affect how the laser cuts. Instead of making mistakes that will compromise the appeal of an engraving project, a person will need to take time to research the various wood types at their disposal.

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